It’s true. I’m not just frugal – I’m super frugal. Cheap. A real tightwad, even. I could almost be super hero type frugal. I could wear a cape… made from something I got on sale or made myself from recycled fabric, bags, or cardboard even.


Yesss… I could be like this woman… superhero-like proportions of Pinterest saaviness.

I rarely buy anything unless it’s on sale. Full price? No I don’t think so. In fact, I almost get nauseated and nearly break out in hives at the thought of buying anything at its original price. And I often get disgusted at just how expensive some everyday things are… like Febreeze, laundry soap and countless other things.

So imagine my sheer delight upon joining Pinterest – a true haven for the frugal as it entails an amazing cornucopia of ways to do things cheaply and albeit, fun!


There should be a support group for people like me.

Similar to catching the newest strain of influenza, I quickly caught the “Pinterest” bug. I spent a ridiculous amount of time scouring craft ideas, do-it-yourself projects, and other time wasting ideas that appeared on my screen.

And then it happened…. I discovered a “pin” for a formula for making my own Febreeze.

OMG... i wonder if I can make those gloves too...

Note to self: must find out how to make those pink gloves…


Yes that’s right. I could suddenly make my own fabric refresher for mere pennies, rather than spend the whopping $6.99 at Walmart for the same thing. Andddd, I could make it as strong or subtle smelling as I wanted. (Sometimes the scent of Febreeze was so strong after using it that it gave me a headache!) Hell yeah!!  Suddenly I was dashing around the house, grabbing the squirt bottle I bought at the dollar store some time ago but had no purpose for, then sprinting over to the laundry room for a splash of laundry soap, then the kitchen for some baking soda before stopping at the sink to add some water.

Shake-shake-shake and suddenly I had a whole bottle full of my own fantastic smelling fabric refresher. According to my mathematical equations (which can be dubious at the best of times), I calculated the whole concoction cost me a mere $1.49 . Me: 1, Febreeze people: 0.

Imagine my surprise the following morning when I stumbled upon a recipe for making my own lip balm. Like OMG. I had to do it. Why spend $3.49 for lip balm at the drugstore when I can spend $5.00 to buy all the ingredients and make a whole lifetime supply?!?! Right?!?!?! RIGHT?!?!?!? (this is the point in the story when I tell you that I almost never think things through completely, and as a result, end up with boxes of odds and ends of things that are leftover from such projects like this one…. Just sayin’.)  So I did it, made like a hundred little pots of lip balm, which, I might add is absolutely fabulous. Me: 2, Outside commercial world: 0

And now I’m caught up in pinning a zillion things that I can make myself… body washes, detergents, air fresheners, shower cleaner, carpet refresher, stain remover, bath bombs, play dough (for the kids…*cough cough*… that’s it, for the kids, uh huh), oxy clean, jewelry cleaner, etc. The list goes on, thanks to my many hours of staring at the computer screen.

cat cartoon

Yes, thank you Pinterest for changing my life… and turning me into a computer obsessed zombie that can barely function in the real world. I’d write more of this blog post but I gotta go gather my ingredients for the playdough shower cleaner.