I’ve heard of a lot of things in my little life, but what someone just told me about might take the cake – at least for today.

A friend just told me about an eco-tour expedition to the Everglades in which you can look at the creatures that reside there.  You can see alligators, birds, various types of other interesting creatures and the like all in their natural habitat the way that nature meant it to be. Sounds interesting enough.

Hmmm... a face only a mother could love. But I still wouldn't want to taste one.

What I don’t understand is that lunch is included in your tour fee and consists of … well… alligators. What the??? Now call me crazy (it’s okay, others have, and frankly they might be right) but this sounds a little absurd to me. You embark on an ECO-TOUR to view creatures in their habitats and then you EAT the very creatures you went to see???  What the heck?!?!?! Wouldn’t this be like doing a “swim with the dolphins” and then having flaked dolphin meat served on a cracker afterward? (okay, so maybe alligators aren’t as cute or helpful as dolphins, but still… ) Or wouldn’t it be like going on an African safari and then having a chunk of lion steak? I mean seriously.This makes no sense to me. I mean, I know that there are people who eat alligator, I just don’t get the point of the tour. I guess they are trying to give a “whole experience”. I don’t get it. But then again there’s a lot of things that make to no sense to me. If all else fails…  I suppose it’s better to be the eater than the eaten, I guess.