If my name were in the dictionary, this would be the picture beside it.

You can call me the Grinch, it’s okay. I already happily refer to myself as the Grinch anyway. I hate Christmas. I hate everything about Christmas…. the decorations, the music, the greediness, the commericalism, the expectations, and frankly, I think it’s the most phoney time of the year.

I think Christmas can be referred to as the time… “When people are unusually nice to people for a whole two weeks of the year, think about a Lord they can’t be bothered to give any time to any other time of the year, and spend copious amounts of money they don’t have to buy gifts they can’t afford for people they don’t like who don’t appreciate it in the first place.”

It just seems to me that most people find it more of a chore than a happy occasion. Don’t believe me? Go spend time in any shopping center in North America. You’ll hear the grumblings of fellow shoppers, complaining about “having to buy” this for so-and-so, or having to buy that for this person, and how they have to spend this much on this person because he or she spent that much on them or that this guy or that girl is expecting such and such an item and will be upset if it isn’t there . On and on it goes. And it seems the more people you talk to about it, the more people who agree that it’s just over the top nowadays and the more people who are feeling it’s all just too much.

And of course there are the people who say Christmas is all about the children. Uh huh. How many so called “funny videos” have we all be subjected to over the years of angry kids because they hated their gifts? We have a whole planet full of ungrateful kids who expect everything under the sun and are bitter when they don’t get it. Nevermind that little Johnny got 27 other presents under the tree, he’s upset that he didn’t get the latest “super-duper-turbo-power-electronic-3D-4D-game system” that the parents would have had to remortgage the house in order to buy. And there are those who would go to that length. Like the countless kids in elementary schools wearing high priced designer clothing and texting on their Blackberries or iPhones just because they wanted to be like the other kids. Suddenly kids who aren’t wearing clothing by a certain brand or name are considered underpriviledged? Spare me.

I read an article this week and the author said that maybe it was Charles Dickens who created this whole generation of having to buy buy buy more and more things to show you love someone.

If Christmas was suddenly a holiday where people had to donate money to a charity rather than to eachother, there’d suddenly be a lot less spending going on, now wouldn’t there?

Maybe the slogan of Christmas should be: “If you aren’t spending money like the apocalypse is coming tomorrow, then you don’t love your family like you should.”

Christmas … bah humbug!