You read that right. I actually DID pay $20 to just try on a dress, except it was more like $21.87. No, it wasn’t some high priced couture masterpiece from a well known designer in Paris, and it wasn’t hot off the runway in Milan. Instead, it was a dress I ordered online from a national retail store.

And here starts the reason why I cannot understand for the life of me why anyone shops online for clothing. Okay, so there are the people who have shopped a store and know what sizes fit them in that brand and can freely shop online. But what about a place you’ve never tried?

This week I fell victim like the countless number of other people who have browsed the online stores, fallen in love with an item, had to have it, found themselves hunting for their credit card and making the purchase without so much as a thought. Upon the “check out” section of the website I realized the damn shipping cost of $8.00. I hesitated for a moment (remember, I’m super frugal), but I felt I just had to have this dress.

Imagine my utter disappointment when the dress arrived and after putting it on and looking in the mirror, I realized I would have had the exact same look had I just put on a Hefty garbage bag instead. It wasn’t fitted like in the picture with the uber sexy model who appeared to be on top of the world in this dress. No sir, it just hung on me. I looked like a small child who was just found playing dressup in a short, but oversized muumuu. Not exactly the chic and trendy look I was going for here.

I read the return instructions and thankfully, the return policy was a “no hassle” one.  The following day I went to the post office to send back the garbage bag they sent me instead of the dress I thought I was going to get . It cost me over $12.00 to send it back to the company. Sooooo between the initial shipping and handling charges and now the $$ on postage fees to send it back, and no dress to show for it, I pretty much spent $20 just to try it on.

It grinds my gears to spend that money and have nothing in return. I’ve since decided that I’m banning all online clothing sites from my computer…. well, maybe after one more browsing session… I hear Victoria Secret has a great sale on right now.  ; )