Well, here it is. The inaugural post of my new blog.

I picked Butterscotch Monkey as the name for several reasons. The first being that I liked the way it sounded when my step-daughter, Emily, said it randomly aloud while I was trying to think of a blog name. She said it using a British accent and I loved how it sounded. She was tickled pink that I picked a name that she had created. Seeing her excitement was reason alone to pick it.

Secondly, I’ve never heard of a Butterscotch Monkey and I have no idea what it would be, other than perhaps a monkey shaped butterscotch candy. Or perhaps a butterscotch monkey is a beige colored one. Mind you, I’m not fond of anything butterscotch flavored, I’m a severe chocoholic and anyone who knows me, knows I can be bribed to do anything for the right kind of chocolate. Who knows. Regardless, a butterscotch monkey is as rare to the world as having a normal day is to me.

Thirdly, the other names I had come up with that were based on things I liked, or things that pertained to my life were already taken on wordpress.  Go figure.

So here goes…  some highlights from a sort of butterscotch monkey kind of life.